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Originally Posted by philosobrad View Post
Purchased a project 640 Adventure last week, that the PO had decided to part out. Picked it up just outside KC without hearing it run, and without an IMO. PO stated the machine had roughly 4500 miles, and other than a spray bombed tank and upper fairing, she looked like a low mileage example. The price was right, and came with a decent amount of spares, so the deal was struck.

Got the bike back to the workshop and had myself a decent assessment of what I'd gotten into. Lots of buttoning up, and understanding that all the case cover and valve cover gaskets had been discarded. I really needed to get this beast up and going for an enduro ride 3 days later, so against my better judgement..............liquid gaskets were made

After reasonably sealing the LC4 up and reinstalling the starter, it became very apparent, that there were issues somewhere with the E-start system. After reading through several posts, I deduced a sprag assembly is the most likely culprit. So I kicked. And kicked. And swore, then kicked some more. After shredding both legs, it finally caught, started and IDLED!

I live 30 minutes from the Chadwick off road vehicle area, located in the Mark Twain Nat'l forest near Springfield, MO. World class (IMO) off road riding that covers everything from wide gravel to black diamond rocky/rooted single track. Took the bike out with some friends of various skill, with the intention of riding the easier family grade trails. This lasted 15 minutes before taking a wrong turn down a moderately difficult black diamond. I typically tackle this area with a well worn 250EXC two stroker with a fair amount of struggle, so I was pretty nervous taking an unproven monster in and back out.

I fell in love with this machine and its capabilities in short order. It's a twist of the throttle to tractor up and over logs, shelf rock, mud, ice covered rock, you name it. Riding down gravel at the same pace I felt comfortable on the EXC, was boring! Twist the gas and fly!

I haven't been this excited about a moto purchase in a decade, and now I'm contemplating selling my Triumph Scrambler, as it now seems obsolete! Will make a better assessment after sorting out the E-start and installing factory gaskets.

Welcome! I think you might do well with a build thread, so we can help you along. and its fun for us to see what you got going on! That windscreen looks to be non-factory... does the upper portion bolt onto the headlight shroud? It looks to have the angle and lip of the early 2 piece screen/shroud, but has the USD forks of a late model, with the mid front hub(no boss for 2nd disc). Given that I am guessing its an '01-'02?!
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