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If it can be argued either way then the law isn't written correctly--hint: it can't be argued either way.

There's a BATFE letter out there with the ruling on this...if you're gonna shoot something that you think could be regulated as an NFA item, do the research or actually talk to your local BATFE agent and just ask them. Also, while you were careful to not put your serial # in these pics, be careful posting on the Internet if you think a particular configuration might be illegal...or if your pistol is actually built on a lower receiver that was registered as a rifle (mine are all registered as "other" on the form 4473 when they were transferred).

If you have an illegal config, Baldy and Co. could possibly get in trouble for letting it be posted just the same as if you put up kiddy pron pics. Well, maybe not that bad but they'll be asked questions they don't need to spend time on.

You're OK with an AFG on a pistol, but please do some research.

EDIT: cool pistol btw! I like!

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