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Originally Posted by EvanADV View Post

I don't think I'll ever buy another "sport tourer". The adventure bikes are just too awesome now, and it'd be too much of a compromise to loose the "adventure" capability of a V-Strom, Tenere, Tiger 800xc, GS, etc. I fail to see what something like an ST1300 or FJR1300 could do for me that those can't, other than provide so much power it'd be too easy to lose my license and "look" a whole lot "sportier" doing so.

I think the sport tourers are simple the distance-capable bikes for people that have no interest in adventure bikes but don't want/can't afford an all out touring bike like a Goldwing.
I've had 'em all: Gold Wing and BMW K1200LT Big Tourers and ADV bikes, an R1150GS and V-Strom 1000, as well as an ST1300 and FJR1300 in the sport touring class.
I have no interest in the mega tourers anymore and like the ADV bikes but don't love them. I have no interest in dumping an expensive adventure bike in the dirt since my off-road skills are pretty damn limited and I ride exclusively on pavement. And I want enough power with full luggage and my lovely wife on the back to make quick work of whoever is in front of me 'cuz I like to move at a fairly brisk pace.
Sport tourers fill my needs for power, weather protection (without being stifling), handling, luggage, looks and comfort better than anything else on the road. I just really, really like 'em.
Having said that, I'm one of those, "Hey, whatever floats your boat" guys. From Wee-Strom to Big Harley, hell, I don't care as long as you like it.
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