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Originally Posted by achesley View Post
First thing I though of was fuel range my self.
On Trailers, Like you, done been on icey snowy roads way back in '66 in South Dakota on a Triumph 650 with everything I owned on it. Never gonna happen again. Has not. Another thing drives me to trailering or the moto tote for my truck, Hot 95 to 105 degree weather with 100 % humidity. Just not fun. The older I get , the less fun.
But, working on losing the Bandit and getting a Husky like yours. Then , sob, , Probably selling the KLR since the Terra would do it all for what I plan in the future.
What my Brain wants to do and what my body will do is two different things as I quickly approach 70 years on this earth and feel all the old injuries more and more. So it's gonna be Truck to where I really want to ride , Ride, and Truck back to Southwest Louisiana where it's 70 F and sunshine at this moment.
Waiting on all the rest of the report Mark and sorry your pard was injured. Also loving the Mobus trips
I'm thinkin I agree with you----where you are with your life and riding Andy---the TR650 will be good for you---I'm 5'11" and am flat footed on the thing---never thought I'd like that---but you get older----feels good and far fewer tip-overs----and none so far. The Husky will go somewhere far this year---just don't know where yet.

The WR is a very tall bike-----------I have tip-overs with it--but still riding some tough terrain sometimes----but as the years pass I'll have to back off that.

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