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50 (Shaping/Via) Point Limits on the Montana

All the discussions about 50 (via/shaping) point limits prompted me to perform a few tests of my own. The tests confirmed much of what has recently been discussed here, and my understanding about some of the limitations of the Montana.

In BaseCamp, I created a 30 point (30 via points, according to the route property window) direct profile route. I duplicated the route and converted it to automobile profile routing (so I could see how BaseCamp calculates the actual routing on roads (versus the straight lines shown between the direct routing points). I then transferred the 30 point direct route to the Montana. As expected, when loaded via the "Where To" menu, the route initially displayed as the direct route, while the Montana re-calculates the route, and then displays the route on the roadways, using the via points that I defined. The route calculated by the Montana matched the BaseCamp calculated automobile profile route (same map set loaded on both BaseCamp and the Montana!).

I repeated the process, but this time using an 80 (via) point route using BaseCamp (as shown by the route's properties window) and set to use direct profile routing. I duplicated the route in BaseCamp and converted the duplicate to automobile profile routing, again so I could see how the route would display on actual roads. I also converted the 80 point automobile profile route into a track. I transferred the 80 point direct route, the 80 point automobile route, and the 80 point track to the Montana.

When the 80 point direct route was initially selected using the "Where To" menu, it initially displayed all 80 points and all the direct line segments between those 80 points (along with the "Go" button). Immediately selecting the "Go" button resulted in a message being shown that states "Only 50 points can be used for follow road navigation." If the "Go" button was left unselected, after the Montana completed calculating the route, the route along the roadways was displayed, but was truncated (did not display) any of the segments after the 51st via point. The route's description box provided the correct length of the route up until the 51st via point (compared to the length of that route as calculated by BaseCamp).

When the 80 point automobile profile route was selected using the "Where To" menu, it displayed the full route with direct routing segments, but the "Go" button never appears. Clearly the Montana cannot re-calculate the full route for a non-direct profile route when that route exceeds 51 via points.

Next, the track that was generated from the 80 point automobile profile was loaded via the "Where To" menu. As expected, the entire track displayed properly (along the actual roadways) and selecting the "Go" button began navigation using the track.

To summarize, direct profile routes exceeding 51 points (which on the Montana includes via points, waypoints, and points of interest) can be used when transferred to the Montana, but these routes will be truncated to use only the first 51 points. Non-direct routes (for example, routes created using the automobile profile) which exceed 51 points in length cannot be used by the Montana for navigation. Routes created in BaseCamp using a non-direct profile (for example, the automobile profile), that exceed 50 points in length, can be converted to tracks and those tracks can be loaded to and used by the Montana for navigation, albeit without the turn-by-turn direction provided by routes. (From a programming standpoint, I assume the via points are loaded into an array that begins with a base value of zero and has a maximum value of 50, resulting in 51 location values being used for the route calculation).

My apologies for the long-winded discussion, but I hope this explanation will be of some value to our newer Montana owners, or to those still trying to make a decision on whether to purchase a Montana.
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