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Day three continued

Next section was 15 km long gravel road to Bjelomici village. Nice and relaxing ride in a beautiful scenery. I came across another medieval graveyard and took a lunch break. There is something about those old graveyards which made them good places to stop and rest... Not in a weird way, no...

In Argud I decided to take a shorter route. Sun was getting low and I didn't want to ride in dark (you miss to much natural beauty that way). Another break at bottom of the valley.

Here you can see my ultra modern GPS and its high-tech handlebar mount

Road out of the valley is paved in sections. This was obviously designed as a major road but in reality it was never completed, most likely due to the fact that its not needed... Now it's not maintained, in some places trees are starting to grow in the middle of the road. There are numerous small landslides and it's just a matter of time when it will be washed away...

In Kalinovik I refill my gas tank and buy some food and beer for dinner. After that it's another 25 km of gravel to my overnight destination, Orlovacko jezero lake at Zelengora mountain. I used to camp there few times with my parents when I was younger so I knew what to expect. It' always nice to return to such a great places...

I arrived at sunset and managed to pitch my tent and gather some firewood before it was to dark. I found some fresh mint for a tea. When I wanted to start a fire I realized that my lighter was empty, never bothered to check it out before departure. That was a moment when I realized that it's actually a good thing to have other people camping nearby :) My first neighbors were a group of students from Czech Republic, three girls and two guys. They were hitchhiking around Bosnia and climbing some mountains. They had no maps, no GPSs. As I said, this lake is in the middle of the mountain, 25 km of gravel road to closest civilization. Only people using it were campers. Czech walked all the way and planned to hike to some peaks next day and after that to hike to the other side. Only, there was one trouble: they were out of food. I offered to give them some cans of tuna. At first they refused. Then they wanted to give me some money for it. Finally they just accepted it. They were much less shy when I offered a beer It was a beautiful night around a campfire with new friends. For somebody who is shy as I am it was big step.

After a long time I spent the night far away from city lights. I almost forgot how many stars there are...

This was a short day, only 150 km, but it was obvious that I'll have "problems" with many following days because distances are getting longer and roads are unknown to me. It just takes so much time to cover any distance when riding as I do: go slow and stop every so often to take photos. It caused many nervous afternoons in next few days :)

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