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Originally Posted by okiegtrider View Post
A question for you guys here. Wife and I are road racing fans, but have been enjoying the last three seasons of Supercross. We admittedly aren't all up to speed on all the rules.

After seeing that LCQ second corner pile up, she asked me why they didn't red flag the race at that point? Of course I had to say, I don't know. I don't remember seeing any supercross races red flagged. Lots of crashes, lots of yellow flags, but no red in recent memory.

So, under what circumstance might they red flag the race? If shutting down the whole field in in one corner isn't it, what is?
good question. my guess is that if everyone is "ok" and nobody is down and incapacitated they won't red flag it. I'd be willing to bet 10 seconds after it happened practically everyone was either off the track or back on the bike and running but again I've never seen an entire gate come to a full stop. very weird. red flags seem to be more for when someone is down and not moving.
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