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Just downloaded the App on my iPad 3 32-gb with Retina display, running OS 6.1.

My observations:

After downloading and installing, I told it to open, and it did but the picture on the opening page did not open, just a grey square in the lower left corner. I closed the app and re-opened it and all worked normally.

The pages seem to load a bit slowly, as compared to my Men's Health magazine app.

The pictures look good at a hi-res, my only request would be to be able to tap on the photos in the article to get a full screen view. For example, on page 2 of the Rescued on Trial Ridge article, I would like to be able to tap on the picture of the snow covered Rockies, that is in the middle of the screen, to make it full size.

Nice writing, good layout, look forward to more.

My $0.02 worth, if that.

Buyers Beware.
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