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Originally Posted by Tiggleswerth View Post
Hi Big Dog, love your reports! I have noticed that your have run many different tail bags on the 250, which one have you liked best? I know you have run the Wolfman Peak, and now the Wolf Tail. I think I have also seen you run the small motofizz... I just wanted to get your take based on all of your experience.


Hi Janssen----it depends on the trip which bag i run-------most of my trips I was carrying quite a bit of camping gear--------and cooking gear and used the small wolfman expedition tail bag. This trip we both dropped the cooking gear and I strapped on the Wolfman "wolftail" bag which is way bigger than the peak----it's expandable and has 3 nice big outside pockets---------first time use for this trip ------it worked out great--and I ordered the optional rain cover and had it with me. I bought the wolftail for the Husky TR650 Terra----but it's works great on the WR too.

I still have 2 motofizz bags-----------medium and small----I don't see me using them anymore --------especially the medium one---------it is huge and they have a bigger one that I'd only use in the trunk of the car !!!!
I stuck the medium motofizz on the 950 occasionally--------it seemed to overwhelm it. The 950 is gone---sold it 2 days ago.

The Peak never gets used------except on day rides----- maybe.

Funny---------of all my bikes ----------the WR250R is the one I've chose for my longest and most grueling rides. It's the bike for adventure travel that will be the least likely to turn you away from nasty terrain. It's what I hated about my old GS and even the 950. Great bikes---but will turn me away from some nasty riding--------or make it miserable. And if you can't pick it up---it's unnerving to be riding alone on a big bike.

I never ride my WR on day rides it seems.

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