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Thanks to all who staightened me out on the above ^ !!

OK... so the next "technical" question.....

If the 80ST is considered one of the best-handling airheads every built, is there ANY difference in the TRIPLE-TREE itself (not the forks, suspension etc....) ??

The reason I ask this is that the 80ST has that same scrawny airhead top-plate for the triples that experts here deride with some regularity.... yet I don't hear a lot of talk of a better top? I know that "those who convert" to a G/S style often do a different/better front end but that is primarily for fork travel, and somewhat for brakes, than for handling.....

The stem bearings are cross-referenced to pretty much all airheads starting with the /6 series. The actual top- and bottom units are shared with the R65 and the G/S, and vary only by some minor fasteners (for the R65 and ST headlight assembly).... but .... is it the same bottom/top dimensionally?

Anybody care to throw out their thoughts on that?
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