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Next spot

Alright, had it not been so cold/starting to flurry I might have taken this one a bit further. It's ~20 mi from the D-Day Memorial. My ride ended up being 70+ miles I think. Also, goose, I felt like an ASS digging around in the bushes in front of a sign for a National memorial. Thanks for that.

If I need to make things any clearer, let me know. Here's where the RAT is now:

That's what you need to find the RAT.


If you follow that road in the last pic it takes you up to the BRP, but it gets a little hairy and I didn't attempt it for fear of ice, etc. I did follow it 2 miles up until this sign but I've been up it before... when it was warmer. Have fun! BTW, the RAT is behind the left post when you're facing the sign. I buried it under some leaves:

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