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Originally Posted by Big Bamboo View Post
Aha! The reason your electrics are overheating is because you've eliminated the airbox. Without it there's no cool air being drawn over the electrics. The spacers EME recommended may be just the ticket to keep it running. Nice looking bike, tho!
That makes sense to me, damn. Well I was looking at the front cover today and where the vents are already on the inside it has some flaps, almost like water guards to keep it drying in there but it prolly stops a lot of air from getting in. I think I will trim them out. And do the spacers and see how we go.

Originally Posted by chollo9 View Post
Ow! My wrists hurt just like they used to in the late seventies! And I was in my teens!

Looks nice.

Wow, though. Alternator temp shouldn't exceed 300 degrees F? Holy shit! You mean it's okay if it runs around 280? That seems pretty friggin' hot for that component!
That's what I'm saying. The wires coming off the alternator al,it's feel like there melting. We'll see tomorrow when I test the temp.
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