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Maybe someone will have an idea about this here:
Last winter, my bike got rebuilt, the whole shebang, crank bearings, piston, cylinder hone, etc. I took the starter clutch out and tightened the sprague clutch spring, and stopped the screeching noise it would usually make, too. So the bike runs great. Also, rebuilt the carb with new parts from Derek. So the bike runs great, usually starts with just a couple kicks. . . . but the damn thing won't start from cold on the electric start. Once it's warm, the electric start will fire it right up. And the weird thing: the starter turns the bike over just fine, it just doesn't fire up. Probably a carb issue and not a starter issue, but maybe someone has an idea?

Oh, and I'm also running the Denso spark plug that Derek recommended, sometimes I wonder if the spark isn't quite strong enough when the starter motor is working. . . .

Any ideas?

old bmw
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