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Here are few more build pics.

I installed a floor drain in the shop area before we poured the floor. Floor drains are ok by code here except that they must drain out in the open or be vented where ever they end up so gas or oil fumes can not build up. I do not plan on ever pouring gas down my floor drain so I didn't vent it.

I had a old washer and dryer sitting in storage for ten years so I plumbed in a floor drain in the bathroom and a drain for the washer. All tied in to the main floor drain.

The concrete work. Worked on this for two days in 100 degree heat. Not fun!

Finished drive.

Here is sorta a birds eye view. Notice the snow guards I have on the roof. I did not install these until the second winter. I learned when metal roofs get a little sun all the snow comes off. And it comes off all at once. You do not want to be standing under it. It shakes the entire building when all that weight leaves at once. Then it piles up in front of the doors and being a little wet from the warm metal it refreezes into a solid chunk of ice in front of the doors. I wish I had video of it.

Here is what it looks like when it starts. It inches slowly for a few hours then it all goes in one big slide.

I needed some trees in the front so I looked around trying to get a tree spade. I had access to trees that the power company was going to take down for a new power line a mile down the road. Some companies wanted up to 150 bucks a tree to move them 1 mile! I could rent one for 600 bucks a weekend from the bobcat dealer. I searched craiglist and found a guy that would do it for 600. Saved me the time of picking up the machine and doing it myself! He grabbed the trees loaded the machine up and drove the mile back and forth until all were planted.

The trees all in. We moved 15 of those large ones to different locations around the property.

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