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New bike for me

Picked up a '13 800gs yesterday and trucked it home. Got a chance to ride it about 30 miles today, was a chilly 35 and the roads had a nice coating of de-icer and sand on them. Made for some nice slides.

When I got the bike I got the Rally seat right away as that's what everyone pretty much demanded I changed right away. Done.

Background: Ridden XR's, WR's, Vintage, New, Ducati's, Aprilia's, Honda's (including an early veradero), I've road raced, dirt biked, dual sported and toured.
Me: 6'4 205 pounds of manliness.

Initial impressions:
Motor: Smooth as silk, linear power, feels like a torque monster. Throttle seems a bit snatchy down low. we'll see if that smooths out as it breaks in.

Soft and the front end feels a lot like the RC51 did when it came out. Totally vague and you never know what it's doing. (That's gonna get fixed ASAP)

I've read all the complaints, honestly, the little I did ride at 70-80 it didn't feel all that bad, but that was only 5 miles in distance. I tried to really pay attention to the buffeting and it really wasn't all that bad. I've had worse for sure.

One thing that really popped into my mind as a red flag is the passenger pegs. Who in the hell would design welded on mounts like that? I messed around a little bit and already nailed my right calf on the rear peg. It's a in a horrible spot and getting rid of it will take an angle grinder...which i'm seriously contemplating.

Next on the list:
Hand guards
skid plate
GL bag
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