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Today we decided to go for a ride…..about time huh? Locked all the goods in the villa and headed up the east side……bike feels like my old CR250 after dropping 80+ pounds. We ran about 30 miles (80% offroad) to Santiago to see a waterfall (vid above). The ride was great but being from Oregon and all the waterfall was lacking…..until you realize you’re in the middle of the desert and it’s about 105* and there is a continuous flow of crystal clear water exploding from boulders with cacti sprouting up all around.

A steep hike down:

Hiked back out of the waterfall zone, suited up in gear, and went to check out Los Barriles. On the way out of the waterfall park I had a large 4’ snake that was yellow and black slither in front of me across the sandy washboard road.
We have had a number of dogs try to take us down in small cities and Santiago did not disappoint.

Since I have the GPS I am usually out in front when entering the cities so I get to awaken the dogs with the loud exhaust and they run for Alex. At the last turn out of town a large white mutt comes hauling ass after me and I’ve got an Alto sign right in front of me. I touch the front brake and then scoot through the intersection. As I’m blowing the Alto the dog turns for Al. Alex hates dogs and is constantly bitching about them so I get a kick out slowing down and watching the seen unfold. Alex slows wayyyyy down and the dog is barking and pawing at him while he has one foot of the peg jumping around try to keep the dog’s face away from him while he is revving the engine attempting to scare it away. I’m just waiting for his hand to slip off the clutch and watch him wheelie over and try to fend off the mutt….never happened but it was still a good show. I’ll turn on the GoPro next time we roll through a city and see if I can capture one of these moments.

Made it out of Santiago and rolled into Los Barriles. Met some nice folks who pointed us to the best Tacos Pescado (fish tacos) in town. They were probably the best in all of Baja with its own salsa bar to add any toppings you want.

Los Barriles is about half/half Gringos & Hispanics. A little touristy but not bad. We found a good campground right in town that we decided to come up to the following day. Rode back to Cabo Pulmo; a few beers and dinner and it was lights out at about 7:00 PM.
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