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Originally Posted by dogmoon View Post
Nice ride report and pictures BigDog, dag gum it I was hopin you would have used that jetboil thing I had so much trouble with a few years ago, maybe next time; I enjoy your ride reports I have one question how would a DRZ 400 have done on this trip?
A DRZ would have been great in my opinion-------I had the first year model---put lots of miles on that bike---I guess that was a 2000 model. We left the cooking stuff at home on this trip to lighten the load---we carried lots of snacks and water---and ate at a roadside restaurant whenever we could. Our trip was cut so short----we'd still be down there if Scott hadn't got hurt.

Originally Posted by SFMCjohn View Post
Hi BigDog,

Love your ride reports ...

I'm wondering if you had any route intel that encouraged you to leave Mike's Sky Ranch to the southeast rather than to the southwest?

I've heard the roads up there have all been damaged by storms since I went to the southwest with a loaded KLR ... guess that used to be the "easy" way ... your southeast way seemed pretty tough ...

hope to see you around the campfire, someday,
-- SFMCjohn

I really had no intell------but had tracks of the way we went and the Southwest route and just picked one. The Southwest route ran into our route at one point---and right where they joined is where Scott got hurt---and it was still tough after that--------your right----------the roads were unbelievably washed out---that was what made it so tough.

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