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I was there!

I had a great time this morning watching the race. Really impressed with the way Cody and Graham took the course. Graham was the only one to go wide on Chocolate and passed Cody with that move.

I do have some recommendations for next year to make it easier for spectators to be able to see more of the action.

1. Have a GPS file with spectator spots marked on the map so that spectators can get from viewing spots easier. This could be on the website to download or at the race where we could just plug in our GPSs etc.

2. provide a way to broadcast the race so that spectators can know where the riders on the course and when to expect them to come thru the areas. the live tracker wasnt that great and I was the only one with Verizon thus the only one with reception. CB Radio?

3. I heard talk of an ADV section of Hammertown but I walked around a couple of times and couldnt really find anything for riders. I know a lot of the vendors were still arriving and setting up but the ones for the motorcycle riders were spattered around. Could we get them all in one area?

All in all a great experience. I wish I could have met some more ADV guys though.

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