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A little more for ya

Day fourteen contd.
So last night we met our neighbors, Wren and Sammi.

Wren is a guy about our age who is from Atlanta and comes down to baja every year to visit friends and relax. Sammi has a really good story. She is from Thailand, barely speaks English, speaks no Spanish and is hitch hiking around the world by herself. Seriously this little girl is HITCH HIKING! (, you have to use google translate) Its pretty awesome. Anyways Wren took us out to a super seedy local bar where we played some pool and drank a few beers.

Day fifteen: 1-30-13
So with a little help from a guy I met the other day I figured out my chain slider situation. This guy Kirk I met at lunch the other day saw us out on the beach and we got to talking again. He runs a KTM adventure tour company called captain-baja. He took me up to his place which was full of KTMs and trophys where he found a brand new slider off a KTM. With a few washers it fit right on the old DRZ. Thanks again Kirk I still owe you that beer. Then Wren took us up to this lookout that looked over the city.

We all went out for diner after and went to a local jam night down the street.

Day sixteen: 1-31-13

We got up early today because we had to ride to La Paz and buy our ferry tickets to Mazatlan. The ride was pretty sweet winding through the mountains along some curvy roads. When you got up a little higher in elevation the towns became green and alive. We arrived at the ferry around 11am and set out to the awful task of booking the tickets and getting our temporary vehicle importaion permits.

Only it wasnít an awful task at all. It took about fifteen minutes. So we went to the beach and sat around for a while trying to kill three hours. When we were waiting in line for the ferry another adv guy pulled up on a massive Honda Baja twin. We loaded up the bikes strapped them down and headed up five flights of stairs with all our gear and bags. The ferry stinks! It isnít quite like the photos. Its cheap and it gets you where you need to go but its kinda shitty. I recommend shelling out the extra 50 bucks for a room as oppose to sleeping in an airplane seat or on the deck.

Itís worth it. We invited our new adv friends over for a beer and traded stories.
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