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and a little bit more

Day seventeen: 2-1-13
First off let me tell you about the adv guys from last night. Marnix and Lisan are on a two year round the world trip from Holland, where they live, to south America. They have already been on the road for something like 15 months and have traveled down through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afganastan, India, Malasia, a bunch of other countries in between (look at a map I’m not going to name them all) and shipped their bike to LA before riding down Baja and crossing paths with us. (, you will also need to use google translate unless you speak Dutch) So it turns our Marnix and Lisan have plans to go to the same city as us, San Blas. So we join forces and ride. Kind of a boring ride. Not to much to look at. Until we got to the last 40 or so km riding through twisty jungle awesome! But we get to our campsite, set up our shit and hang out for a bit before an early bedtime.

Day eighteen: 2-2-13
After Talking to Marnix and Lisan last knight and learning of their plans we decided to change up our plans a little. Instead of a shitty 400km ride to Manzinilla we decided to tag along for 200km inland to Tequila, where they make Tequila! This was a much better option. Marnix had already found a hostel right next to the factories. The ride was much more pleasant as we wound up mountain roads into higher elevations. The cooler air was much more refreshing as we passed fields of Agave plants and green valleys surrounded by high canyon walls. We looked around tequila for a bit before deciding on the hostel to stay. It was a pretty nice place and we were the only ones there!

So we unpacked our gear into the room and set out on the city for a little adventure. We grabbed some lunch before going to a tequila factory where we got our own private tour!

Drank some tequila

And then walked around the city a little. Marnix and Lisan bought a bottle of nice tequila after the factory tour so we grabbed some fresh fruit and some Ice and went back to the hostel. Where this little guy had been waiting for us.

Day nineteen: 2-3-13
Got up and exchanged information with the Dutch duo and set off. We were heading in the same direction for the first 100km then they were headed inland and us toward the beach. So we rode toward Guadalajara together then split paths. We were headed to a town called Colima near the coast where we looked up the night before some places to stay. Now I know we planned to have no plan but I highly recommend you make some plans if you ever have the opportunity to do something like this. Some times it just works out. Other times you are wasting half your day driving around hot cities, fully geared, with terrible traffic, and all you want is to find a cheap place to sleep for the night. So today after a little wandering and a little laundry in the sink

we got on the computers and wrote down the names and addresses of a few places we will most likely run into down the Mexican coastline (still no definite plans though…)
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