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Originally Posted by skidxr View Post
So my 990 left me stranded... Again ! Due to a dead battery. I'm considering carrying an extra battery now when I head out solo into not so traveled areas. I'm wondering if I could get by with a small Ballistic 4 cell to act as a jump start battery, just because it's so small is my reason for that choice. Has anyone done this?
The small battery (you haven't mentioned its Ah and CCA capacity) won't be able to start the LC8 engine on its own so you will have to parallel it with the stock battery. With the stock one being weakened due to repeated starting attempts, it will damage your other smaller battery very quickly. I had a 6Ah battery in parallel to my stock Yuasa and it (the small one) got killed pretty quick say, within 1-2months.

I run a dual battery setup (having a non-ABS S version helps) using two 10Ah batteries in parallel, no isolator. Proved its worth when a riding buddy had his battery die on a ride and i loaned him my 2nd battery for the rest of the ride. So yes, i'd say you will have to carry atleast a 9-10Ah battery for jump starting in the worst case that your stocker is dead. If you have a 950 then an 8Ah battery will be fine IMO as it has lesser current draw (no FI pump, injectors, sensors etc). Edit - just sawq you have a 990.So you need the larger Ah capacity.
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