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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
+1 on film/negative strips to clean the oil seal lips (once you pull the dust seal out of the way). If you are on a trip stop by a photo-lab and ask for the ends they throw away- the tractor feed on the edges gives the dirt a place to go so it can be pulled out of the sealing area, just wipe it off when you're done!

If you don't have fork air bleeder valves on your bike, they are a great investment (now less than $20USD). Even after a short ride you'll be suprised how much pressure builds up when you push the buttons the first time. The buildup helps create leaks- dedicated offroad riders around here release the air multiple times a day & don't get leaks for years while riding in nasty, dirty stuff.

Good Luck on your Adventure!
+1, bleed the forks every day. Is there someone who can order some bleed nipples you can RV with.

If the forks are still leaking, how’s your eyesight. Take off the fork stanchion protector, look closely and feel for pits in the chrome around the common band of travel, there were voids under the surface on one of my SE legs or you could have a stone chip. If so get some fine wet and dry sand paper and rub the pitting to remove the rough sharp edges, loosen the fork tube in the triple clamp and turn a couple of mm so the seal is not rubbing on the imperfection. Tighten the triples and get the stanchion sorted when home.

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Happy with maintenance but pissed about the amount of shit this has tied to it and shouldn't have, not unreasonable on my part especially when you have paid GOOD money for it and had a personal beating with Ellens crash.

Yes our trip comes first but just remember we NEED the bike, we can't just take it home at night and fix it as you can do!, I am happy as and wioll be even happier once I have finished moping up, I look forward to wearing shit out!
Fork seals are a consumable; you could have chipped the stanchion yourself first time on a gravel track. Replacing the seals can be done in the field with no special tools, just need some fork oil, and if it comes to that we can talk you through it.
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