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Greetings, amigo. Hope your friend escaped without serious injury. The roads around here can surely be tricky in the winter. Lately we've had several bouts of truly insidious black ice, the just-looks-wet-but-slicker-than-snot kind, fortunately not while out riding, tho.

This is from our 50-year-winter several seasons ago. The Parkway was closed in these parts for over three months, but there's a dirt/gravel road we can use to get in and get out, and I hadn't ridden in so long I was willing to go to great lengths to do so.

The first shots are early in the season, not much snow, and it had warmed up enough to melt the "trail" I'd shoveled from the garage out to the street (which had been plowed):

The ground is a little "soupy" from having been frozen and then thawed, so I'm trying to crawl up the hill to the street without churning a rut up the yard.

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