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This is much later in the winter, and the conditions were grim. But, I had a day off and I hate to waste 'em! Digging a trail out to the street took the better part of a day this time, chipping away at several storms' worth of rock-hard frozen snow, and it never warmed up above freezing, so although I was almost down to yard level, I was still dealing with trying to find purchase on top of a layer of compact snow and ice.

The solution was to crawl out to the street on two planks laid end to end. I'd inch up on top of one, Denise would grab the one I'd just cleared and drag it around to the front of the bike, I'd crawl up on it, she'd grab the one behind me and move it up front, and lather-rinse-repeat out to the street.

Warming up the RK, wondering what the heck we were doing.

Almost there.

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