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Day 2 continued

Chopaka Mountain Rd would introduce us to the 1st dirt of the trip. And none too soon in our minds. Todays route would span 181 miles and take us to Lake Chilean.

We enter "the burn" area and crossed Lone Frank Pass. An easy ride allowing us to get our sea legs. The scene was almost surreal. You could see for quite some distance due to the burn. The expanse of the burn was mind boggling to us easterners.

I thought "how can this regenerate" ? "how long will it take" ? We were riding right through what was obviously a massive fire once. At 1st appearing extremely destructive. But as I started to I look closer, I could see mother earth was already regenerating herself and in a spectacular way. She had it all under control.
Wild flowers were bursting

Mike on his German steed. This bike and rider would be challenged to the extreme soon enough. This trip would prove, given a skilled pilot, the massive GSA can handle much more then you would imagine.

The WR was new to John. In a short time, John knew he bought the perfect bike for him. He loved it right from the jump. We certainly did have the full spectrum of big trailies covered. 250-650-950-1200. The little 250 would also prove itself on this trip, but in the opposite way the GSA did. The ying to the GSA's yang.
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