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Originally Posted by stickit View Post
Just bought a 1999 model , have a few questions that might seem dumb but need to get solved . 1 ,Do they only start in neutral ? Mine only does it has a center and side stand , but can't see any censes to stop it from starting in gear when the stands down . 2 Are they always hard to start ie , one time starts with choke and stalls as soon as you throttle it off ; then wont start with choke and have to give it throttle to make it run . I did have to shorten up the right hand side fuel line as it was leaking like a sieve. This bike has done 25000ks and from all perspectives it looks in show room condition . Cheers for the help I have ridden her once up the dirt and loved every minute , but can see all the talk on the vib !! I have done a heap of research and been finding it hard to find the right answers for my prob's . Cheers
There is a starter relay switch that ties in with the clutch lever so you can't start the bike in gear without the clutch pulled in... This is a safety feature and it sounds like yours is not working... You can either bypass it by joining the 2 wires together, try cleaning the contacts or replace it...
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