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Day 2 continued

After the Ruby Grade the seas calm down and we are back on an even keel.
What did lie ahead though was a section of deep talcum powder type silt.
While negotiating my 650 single through it I couldn't help but wonder how Mike was doing piloting the GSA through that. She had to be like a wild rhino who was just hit with a branding iron.

Later on we meet up again and both Mike and the GSA were unscathed. Nothing to it it Piazza said.
Yes, we choose our small group of trip participants very carefully. Mike had been vetted a few years earlier and was a new member on our Forever West trip.
In the end, this trip would test Mike and his GSA to a whole new level, and prove just how right we were in inviting him into our circle.

I take a small break and Brucee blows by on the Super Enduro. A bike that has gone places. TAT west, our New England/New Brunswick adventure, Forver West, Maine and now this west coast trip.

This was a fairly long stretch and we were frikin starving ! Thankfully, the route popped us out onto a sealed road in Carlton and just down that road we see:

And thankfully they did have food. Not the greatest offering, but hey, any port in a storm right ?

Being it was Labor Day weekend, we had the foresight to book a Best Western well in advance from home. But we still had the very scenic Cooper Mountain to enjoy before we would descend onto Lake Chilean and the hot tub that awaited us.

Is that water I see ?

Was there a question earlier about packing ?

Lake Chilean becoming larger as we traverse and slowly descend.

We all arrived late afternoon. Brucee already put the SE to bed, shed his riding gear, donned his swimming trunks and was enjoying an ice cream cone as he headed for a swim in the lake. ,
yea kids at heart we were. And loved every minute of it.

Lake Chilean is gin clear. A bit on the cool side, but really was just what the doctor ordered at the end of a great day of riding.
For an easterner, looking at the lake was a sight of a different sort then what we are used too. Lakes by us are corralled by trees and lake houses. Wait, strike that, reverse it, corralled by lake houses and trees.
But here, you have a big sky and unimpeded view of the lake.

After the swim, we hit the hot tub.
Ah yes, this was a vacation after all

Beautiful day. And the weather was to die for.

We showered, shaved, called a cab and went for a beer and dinner.

Life was good. Still is of course.
John caught here in this photo looking at the lovely waitress.
Brucee having maybe just one too many ?

Next up: Day 3, Lake Chilean-Cashmere-Ellensburg.
Where the GSA and it's pilot would be challenged even further as we enter:
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