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Ying and Yang

This photo pretty much sums it up.
The BMW Rhino next to the Yamaha Kitty Cat.

With my limited skill set I knew I wanted small and light bike for the challenging sections of this trip. The WR was perfect.
Mike handles that big BMW like Baryshnikov tosses around a small ballerina.

Then there is the packing. I pack the absolute bare minimum. Mike seems to have everything on his bike and can get to it quickly. "Hey Mike I need a left handed No. 2 phillips head screw driver". "No problem John here ya go."

I can't tell ya how many times I was struggling a bit with the little Yamaha and would come out of the section thinking "Oh man that had to kill Mike". Next time we stopped someone would ask Mike how bad it was for him in that tough section. Always the same answer "No problem". We would shake our heads in amazement and tell him how much we thought of his skills. Eventually we stopped asking..... And at one point coming up it caused me a great deal of anxiety.

I've just seen the video of the Ruby Grade from Mike's bike for the first time. Damn! That looks like work.
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