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Originally Posted by steelerider View Post
About to pull the trigger on this mothership of a suit. Quick question for you owners, I see that there is a ton of venting options on the suit, I especially like the collar arrangement. How does the jacket handle the humid weather?
I live in PA, it gets really humid here in the height if the summer. I realize that it will not be the same as a mesh jacket, but is it bearbale on a 95 deg, 80 % humidity day? I ride an RT btw.
Any input is helpful.

I had a Badlands jacket for about a week,not much venting to speak of,that combined with the weight of the jacket led me to sell it pretty quick. I tried it on,its a heavy,heavy jacket. Heavier then any streetbike jacket Ive tried. Its a winter jacket maybe?
Great protection Im sure but for any kind of dual purpose dirt riding its too restrictive and hot,there should be big panels on the front/back that open up,but then you wouldnt have all the protection. I thought I would use it for street riding but walking around in it feels like Im trapped in a weight suit.

Lotsa guys love em so it must be just me.
Some bikes around at times
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