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rally prep

So, most of my rally prep has been "shop prep", working on trying to finish the single-bay insulated motorcycle space at home. We moved to an old farm in the spring without a real garage, so one of the ancient, swaybacked drive sheds was slated for a refit and closing in one of the bays for bike work.

Now, just to be clear, by "working on my shop", I mean to say, mostly, that "I'm working extra to pay for someone else to build it". :loll

The structure started basically like this:


It then gradually evolved to at least a solid skeleton by late in the fall:

Before Christmas, it was sided and painted, and I levelled and graded the internal floor to be ready for the concrete pour.

Now the snow has fallen, and nothing would be happening without a reasonably warm space to work. It's starting to look good.

This weekend has been the first time that things have been finished enough that I can light a fire in the wood stove and get some rally prep done.

Mostly little heim joint bearing, wheel bearings, a front tire swap, air filter/fluids/etc., clean and grease the steering head bearings, clean up some wiring, replace the rear license plate holder for the millionth time, check the valves, organize my gear.

Here is the sad 450, ready for some love in the new space. Hasn't been touched or run since the P2D rally last June.

I had a great weekend prepping the bike, and it's almost all ready to go. Just waiting for my Flexx bars, and I'll be ready to put in another mediocre showing at Sandblast.

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