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So my 990 left me stranded... Again ! Due to a dead battery. I'm considering carrying an extra battery now when I head out solo into not so traveled areas. I'm wondering if I could get by with a small Ballistic 4 cell to act as a jump start battery, just because it's so small is my reason for that choice. Has anyone done this?
Originally Posted by skidxr View Post
I have a fairly new battery but the cold just kills it. I left it outside last night as an experiment.. It was on a charger all night the night before and then sat all day and night and it's dead right now. It's a big worry laying in the tent at night and wondering if it will start. I have taken the battery out and stuffed it in the bottom of my sleeping bag for the night and had success, but that is a pain in the ass.

I'm blaming some of this on the cheap Bikemaster battery I installed. I just don't think it's as powerful as the Yuasa I replaced. I'm going to install a stock Yuasa and try an 8 cell as a backup and see what happens.
sounds like you've isolated problem to a battery not holding charge.

recommendations is replace with a quality AGM like Odyssey. if saving weight over $$$ makes more sense, then go with Earth-X ETX36 or Shorai LFX36 for adventure duties.

currently those are the only two batteries I can recommend for an adventure bike that will be far from home, especially doing cold campouts.

to make sure there's no parasitic drain and your charging system is working properly.

you will need a known to be correct meter. a $3 harbor freight meter will do just fine, once it's been checked against a reliable meter like Fluke 87V.

take any primary lithium battery to a store that sells Fluke meters (HVAC) then measure cell with both meters.

1. after charging your lead acid battery overnight with preferably a conventional charger. some battery tender charge so slow it could take days.

2. after allowing battery to rest overnight to bleed off surface charge. lead acid battery should read about 12.85V for flooded PB, 13v for AGM if holding full charge.

3. a basic charging system check is to measure voltage at battery, while revving engine to medium rpm. 13.8v to 14.2v is the normal range. note intermittent charge issue are the worst.

4. to check for parasitic drain, set your meter to measure amp in series. then hook in series with disconnected ground with everything off. ck with bike mfg to find out normal drain rate if any.

for more info ... visit my LiFePO4 testing thread .. link in sig

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