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Fuse Block and CAN BUS connector together

Getting set to order this plus Connector plus the Fuse Block...just want to make sure I understand something...

If using the Twisted Throttle Fuse Block with this connector, do I wire that fuse block to the pos/neg battery terminals and then the "switched source" wire goes to this CAN BUS connector? This basically just gives me the safe switched source, right?

I guess if I have to ask I probably should not do this myself, but I cannot continue on so helplessly. Gotta learn somehow. I am sure I can get the magic smoke back in the wires if some of it gets out during this process.

The game plan: a lighter, stronger lithium battery plus a fuse block for the GPS, heated vest, and LED aux lights. Right now I just have the GPS wired to the battery and the heated vest plugged in the BMW outlet. Would like to clean this up a little.

Now where in the heck will all these wires, blocks, and switched hide themselves.....?
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