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Originally Posted by DirtyDog View Post
Well, this rookie got in a bit over his head this weekend. The wife left town and I tried to convert a plie of scrap metal into a moto carrier.

Tough puzzle on the cheap.
All materials and hardware were repurposed.
Had to buy new drill bits, welding wire, paint (for later), and a new welding helmet (on sale- impulse).

Caught a nice big spark in my eye (around my specs) while grinding. Luckily my ninja blink reflexes protected my cornea as my eyelids snapped shut, burning both top and bottom eyelid. Scared me a bit.

Not satisfied with it yet. Too flexy for my portly machine on bumpy roads. Have some other materials to re-do and strengthen part of it. More details later.

Not bad! How about some photos of how it is attached at the hitch. I have an idea on how you could stiffen it up significantly.

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