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Caught a nice big spark in my eye (around my specs) while grinding. Luckily my ninja blink reflexes protected my cornea as my eyelids snapped shut, burning both top and bottom eyelid. Scared me a bit.

Not satisfied with it yet. Too flexy for my portly machine on bumpy roads. Have some other materials to re-do and strengthen part of it. More details later.
Glad your eye is OK. I have a cheapo face shield from Home Depot that works well when grinding.

There is some amount of bounce you are going to get, especially when hauling a KLR on the back. Even the commercial ones do it.

One way to take some wobble out is to use a bolt as a hitch pin. Drill your carrier mounting hole smaller than the hitch hole.

Then when you mount it, put a sleeve or bushing on the bolt - it needs to be small enough to fit inside the hitch hole, and large enough to push against the carrier wall.

Use a nylok nut, or double nut, and washer on the opposite side.

When you tighten the bolt, it cranks the carrier against the inside of the hitch. It works well to take movement out of the mount.

The other thing I was thinking about when I wanted to carry a KTM 950 ADV on the back of a trailer was to mount one or two more receiver tubes (fairly cheap at Harbor freight). My plan was to insert a couple pieces of tube out from the trailer and under the platform. That way, there was no way for it to bounce around as it would be carried by three points. One extra tube would probably work fine for a KLR's weight.


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