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Originally Posted by Alaskajeff View Post
Hey Mike, where ya been brother? You've been pretty quiet lately. You must have some TOP SECRET project keeping you busy OR just the mid winter blues? Maybe you are a 49ers fan...........Anyhoo, I've recently done some work to the XR600 #001 rack. It came out pretty well, for having a hack like me doing it. I'll be sending some pics real soon. Here is a teaser shot to keep you guessing. Notice the broken mounting tab by the signal? Just to clarify the broken tab was NOT a MANRACKS product defect in any way, rather operator error on MY PART! Hope things are well. Jeff

Hey Jeff how ya been , ya winter sucks but got 2 cords of cherry wood in the shop to get us through, the 600 needs a good rack, its been giving me fits, , you got the cure
been working on the Milwaukee porta band stands , gonna have one for all porta band saw that they make , its our most used tool in the shop so i am gonna spread the LOVe brutha , check it out
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