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When i think of weightclasses in sporttouring, i think of the complet packed,size,power weight and etc.
Heavy weight are for me FJR1300,c14,RT etc. Their big,heavy,knock out power but not that fastest or lightes on theyr feet.
Light heavy weight ZX14,busa,K13,XX etc. Big,lighter then the heavy,knock out power,fast,moves lighter on the feet.
Middle weight GSX1200,Ninja 1000,FZ1,Sprint st,VFR800 etc smaller,power,fast and moves light on its feets.
Light weight GSX650,ER6,FZ6 etc smal,fast on the feets, make up the lack of power in nimblnes.
Feather weight from 500cc.
yeah i know, i whatch to much kombat sport.

Riding posistion os so difrent from person to person, i have two friends with VFR800,one can ride it for a while and get wrist pain, the other feels fine.
Ownd a Sprint 955i before, and i thought that the ZX14 whould be thougher to take long trips with becouse its lower bars and a more aggresiv riding position, but th ZX14 is more comfy then the 955i.
The ZX14,VFR800 and 955 are comfy and god bikes in theyr class but they all can be tiersom to ride in 40mph or lower for a time.
If you ride alot in citys but still whant somthing with a litle kick that you can easy tour with, my suggestion whould be somthing like Ninja1000,GSXF1200/1250,FZ1.
Kawasaki ZZR1400(ZX14)
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