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From Quarry...I meandered back up Bouquet Canyon to Elizabeth Lake and onto Pine Canyon road heading toward need of fuel and a snack...i had an idea...crazy, stupid perhaps, but I wanted to try...

Last time I was up on Mt. Pinos there was a dirt road, covered with ice and snow at the time, that ran from Mt. Pinos to Lockwood Valley...well considering the temps were high recently I wondered if I could get down it....

Short answer; NO

Long answer: Had to try, well I didn't...retrospect..kind of dumb to do, especially without a was steep, ice and snow covered...but I could see the dirt down the road teasing me...didn't stand a chance...front end washed out about 20 feet into it...was going to ride the dirt on the side, but the drop off made me nervous so I was going to high side of the road...

Good News: A-Spec crash bars worked brilliantly!! The handle bar didn't even touch the ground and no damage some sand paper and a rattle can can't fix.

Took two more drops and some huffing to Austin Powers her around on the small dirt patch...back up and down the mountain to Lockwood to 33 to home....

Good day, missed ya Moe.ron


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