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Originally Posted by xaman View Post
Hey guys,

I'm trying to power my iPhone 5 on my bike... Looking for opinions on my best options. Here's what I see so far:

1. BMW accessory outlet. I can go powerlet to USB, mount the USB up by the bars, then just use a regular USB charging cable for the phone. This sounds good since it'll be keyed (I assume). My concern is leaving the factory accessory plug open, and the little cover (or door) getting ganked by my leg, or just corroded with weather exposure.

2. I could come off my Battery Tender SAE connection to USB, and just unplug and replug after each ride when I connect the tender.

3. I can fight with the tight battery box again and go straight from the battery to USB.

With all the concern about weak battery and little available power, should I be concerned about the cell phone having switched power? There's nothing else "extra" on the bike now, but will likely do heated grips next winter (we've about made it through the cold here in my part of Texas

Any suggestions?
The BMW accessory outlet is not switched power. Some guys have used the connector that used to run the emissions canister to power a relay to create a switched power source. Run power from the battery to the relay (with a fuse in-line) then up to behind the front headlight so you can wire up the USB and have completed the hard part of the heated grips installation.
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