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Originally Posted by 9Dave View Post
Glad your eye is OK. I have a cheapo face shield from Home Depot that works well when grinding.

There is some amount of bounce you are going to get, especially when hauling a KLR on the back. Even the commercial ones do it.

One way to take some wobble out is to use a bolt as a hitch pin. Drill your carrier mounting hole smaller than the hitch hole.

Then when you mount it, put a sleeve or bushing on the bolt - it needs to be small enough to fit inside the hitch hole, and large enough to push against the carrier wall.

Use a nylok nut, or double nut, and washer on the opposite side.

When you tighten the bolt, it cranks the carrier against the inside of the hitch. It works well to take movement out of the mount.

The other thing I was thinking about when I wanted to carry a KTM 950 ADV on the back of a trailer was to mount one or two more receiver tubes (fairly cheap at Harbor freight). My plan was to insert a couple pieces of tube out from the trailer and under the platform. That way, there was no way for it to bounce around as it would be carried by three points. One extra tube would probably work fine for a KLR's weight.
Yeah, a face shield is on the supply list. I've been wearing my corrective lenses because all the metal dust irritates my contacts when I have a long day in the garage. The specs don't provide as much coverage as I'd like.

It's tough to see from that angle in the pic above, but I actually installed a second class I hitch on the driver side and it is supporting the front of the bike. It's barely viewable through the front wheel spokes. I have another class I receiver that I could install on the passenger side for uber-support, but I'd have to buy some 1 1/4" stock. That conflicts with my self-imposed "budget", but we'll see if it's needed.

Good tip on the anti-wobble bolt/pin, Dave. I haven't drilled the carrier tube yet, so I'll employ that tactic.

It's not a "wobble" I'm worried about at the moment. It is the bowing effect that I'm seeing when I really crank down on the straps. In the pic you might be able to discern that the part under the rear tire is bending a bit under the stress. This makes me think it needs to be stronger before a test drive.

I have some 1x2" tubing that I'm gonna replace the two 1x1" pieces saddling the bike platform. This will go full-length and add a lot of strength while giving me some tire loading bumpers. Wishing that I had these pieces when I designed it. (Coincidentally, my mom brought me some home-baked rolls and scrap metal yesterday.)

I'll share more pics when it's finished. No close-ups of my amateur welds will likely be shared.
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