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40 years of experience with chains here.. They used to be real crap. The new X-Ring chains are great, they last longer than a GS drive shaft. The O-ring chains are so-so, the extra 20% in cost will more than double the miles.

Get a Grunge Brush, cut the handle down to pack better. $13
Fill a Squirt bottle full of cheap 90 wt gear oil. $2-4 On the road, just drain the dregs from a few bottles at a service station.

Put the bike on the centerstand, start it, 2nd gear idle, brush off all the dirt and lube it with the gear oil. Do it when you end your ride and the chain is still hot. In the morning wipe up any excess from the bike and chain. Good for 500 road miles.

Repeat it when you leave the dirt and are to ride on pavement for a while. It will look like new after a few miles.

It's messy below the front sprocket, but it's just oil and dirt. Not chain glue and dirt, so it wipes off.

Never use the chain wax, you'll get about 10k miles. Dry, you may get 12k miles. Lots of WD40, maybe 13k miles.

I got 45,000 miles from my original 950 chain. It still was mostly ok, but had a few loose links. I inspect the chain every tire change, go through and inspect each link. These typically fail by a few loose links, usually at the master link. I replace the chain and front sprocket only, the rear doesn't wear. I've never bought a rear sprocket for my ADV bikes.

Never run it too tight, that's a recipe for toast.
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