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delay, delay, more delay....

I thought if I waited to start this little log til after I had the engine and the tranny back and ready to build around, mebbe I could keep up wihtout long stretches of far I'm going slower than even I expected. I've been studying the wiring harness I ended up with, and with some consulting help from my local MG guru, I've decided to order a new main wiring harness.
I could have just used the other one it was working before), but it looked pretty cobbled up, and I want to change the headlamp bucket and associated connectors anyway. I'll need to do a few modifications when it gets here... I have a set of those flashing LED arrays (Hyperlites) with the brake light, and I'm planning to put some 10W LED running lights on the front crash bars, plus I had already added Hi and Low beam relays inside the headlamp bucket, and I was pretty happy with that arrangement. Plus, I didn't like the fusebox that came with the bike, so I changed it to one that I got out of the local japanese bike junkyard, so that needs some splicing into the main cable. (It's pretty clear in the pix that shows the rear master cylinder. So while I wait on the new main harness and the solid brake lines ( they finally shipped and are on the way), I thought I'd see how hard it is to polish the valve covers...well, so far it's not a piece of cake, all those little contours and mini fins..., I need to hunt up some finer sanding drums for my dremel tool. Hopefully in a few days I can take pix of those.

Aside, back to the wiring...I never could stand the use of a black wire to carry the signal from the front and rear brake switches; not to mention power to the me, black is gnd and only gnd. So I'm thinking of a better color to use for those wires. It's kinda back to wanting to make a change that I consider a little improvement. Hopefully I can find a striped color that has some black in it. It'll be non-standard guzzi-wise, but that's life. I usually end up drawing a wiring diagram anyway, I've never been that great at reading the ones that come in the book without redrawing it so I can understand all the details. later, roy

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