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Originally Posted by Qaz View Post
Have you figured out what you are going to do yet Kelly? I read the whole thread for a third time and just shook my head. If I were on a F800 this is what I would do:
1)Make sure the bike is in the best shape it can be in. Get a can of Silkalen chain lube( It stays on the chain and cuts down on lubing it so often)
2) If the seat is not comfortable, make it comfortable.
3) If you can mount highway pegs & a taller shield do it, so you can move around.
4) Put a throttle lock of some kind on the bike.
5) Mount a tankbag low on the tank so you can lay on it.

For me the bike is the most important part of the trip(Break downs suck) 6-13 just make it more comfortable!

6) Take fireballs or some sour drops for when you get tired, but not sleepy.
7) When you get sleepy, either stop in a rest stop and snooze or stop for the day.
8) Ride the speed limit, you get better fuel mileage. Gas stops kill your MPH average.
9) I stop at McD's for lunch, get a McDouble and drink the heck out of Powerade to rehydrate.
10) Fill the tank the night before and start early in the morning (4 or 5am) before taffic gets heavy.
11) I avoid toll roads, because I am cheap and I find that they do not save time.
12) I will not eat anything that is dehydrated, it robbs your body of moisture.
13) Lastly, the week before your trip, go out each evening and ride your bike 40-50 miles, that will prepare the butt.

Good luck!
This is AWESOME i will be doing all these i also looking to ionized water it hydrates u better i have done a few all day rides as preping work and man ur ass gets sore, mine is calioused by now so stock seat feels ok the sheeps skin makes a huge diff but in the summer not sure what the options are. This is so good i am printing and putting in my tank bag. My bike is not the best for the trip agree but its what i have so i am going to use it i can cruise at 75 for 8 hours no problem. I have done alot of work on this trip and talk to alot of IBA guys riding harleys or K1600(wish i had this bike for the trip) found alot of guys who have done it and they state the prep work makes all the diff get use to sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day. And being alert the rest. There best advise is no enegry drinks cause of the crash and lay off sugar due to the way it makes ur body tired. I am all about the natural ways. I agree with the toll roads i am a cheap ass as well . I realized some things i wanted were not realistic i have a rout planed mostly going straight thru texas and up the big cities on the freeway scare me so looking for round ways still not 100% planned but i have time i most say i love this site even more the feedback form people is so amazing . Would love to win the lottery and ride around meeting and having a beer with alot of the people on here. Thanks everyone i will provide updates as of now i have the tires and the gps along with the camping equipt. Still need alot but have time. Alot of this ride is to also clear my mind think over life i will be turning 30 so a good life assesment is important what better place than the open road. Alot of this is random take it as u will thanks everyone
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