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Originally Posted by Ravenslair View Post
I purchased the chromed brass fittings from Beemer Boneyard to replace my OEM plastic ones. I am replacing the fuel line as well. I purchased the FI rated fuel line and clamps from Beemer Boneyard at the same time. I hate to be anal, but I am going to be. Here are my anally related questions (as it relates to this project, not what you are currently thinking):

-Where the fuel line attaches to the hard plastic lines that go to the injectors, there is a steel ring under the OEM clamp. Do I need to try to get that under the FI clamps before tightening them down, or are the clamps sufficient?

-What should I torque the FI clamps to? (I told you I was being anal)

-What OD/ID fuel line do I use for the cross over line on my Adv tank? I assume I cannot use the larger FI fuel line and clamps since the OEM line is narrower. Does it have to be FI rated fuel line?

Any other words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks.
1. The OEM clamp is an oetiker which has a steel ring under it. Discard the ring.
2. Tighten your clamp until it makes a very slight indentation in the hose.
3. Don't know about the crossover line.
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