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New to the 650X world..

Hello all,

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a new-to-me 650X, low miles, non-ABS, and very stock (well a few farkles). I pick it up this weekend.

So my trip dreams for the bike are wide and far - so are the list of mods that are awash in my pea-like brain. I've read several of the "adventurizing" threads, farkle threads, used search, used Google search, and maybe I've missed some information on what I'm sure will be a long list of questions.

This whole alternator thing..I've read several threads regarding the alternator output on the X compared to, say, the Dakar. (280 .vs. 400W). Lots of threads on batteries too. There seemed to be lots of threads talking about an expensive OEM replacement Alt with proper BMW warning due to the mass changes, mentions of third party replacement stators, and various projects loading up electrical's on the X's alternator as stock. Many of these threads are of various vintage and it sounds like some may have tried alternator upgrades of some sort.

What I can't seem to find are any threads/reports of those that HAVE made the alternator changes/mods (regardless of which mod) and how it worked out (or didn't).

Are most folks just running the stock alternator? I wonder with lighting, battery, electrical accessory advancements over the last few years whether the 280W is really still a limiting issue when "adventurizing" the X? For me, thinking heated hand grips, aux lighting, GPS power..maybe an accessory plug for heated vest.

I read the index page and caught the link to Electrical questions, that suggests a company called Electrosport makes an upgrade - if I remember correctly - Colebatch mentioned in one of his threads of possibly upgrading to one at some point. but I may have missed any threads talking about results.

ADVRider is an awesome resource - hoping some of you X-veterans feel like schooling a newb, as I learn the ways of the 650X!
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