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Originally Posted by Ras Thurlo View Post
From what I have understood so far:

- its a modified 1100 SA

- yes its strengthened post alterations, they also mentioned this was a necessary step

- Net offset (after wheel offset in compensation) 15-17mm, do not know what the gross offset of the SA alone is.

If this is correct I do not think that sub 2cm offset is that bad considering that I see this as the principal drawback of going for a 1100 para.
With my rear disc conversion I nwas able to get things back in line ( or very close) by a radical offset with the R1100 Hub and R100GS rim. With the 1100 swingarm it will put the final drive more to the right than with the R100 swingarm, therefore should require less offset. Using the pic that Anton posted of thge two swingarms I would say about 10mm or so less offset than I have.
I have not had the chance to compare an 1100 final drive alongside an R100 final drive to see if there is any offset difference between the two.
I'm not sure of the strengthening they do but the other two pics of similar setups I have seen have had a long web on the shock mount to spread the load.
like this one
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