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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
I have no problem with paying for tickets I deserve. I'm used to dealing with local Policia in Baja California where you you have to pay the "mordida" for running a red light or stop sign that isn't there. Usually you ask if you could pay the fine to the officer who pulled you over and he "takes care of it" for you. Funny, how you can get the fine reduced on the spot from $100 down to $20 by showing an empty wallet.

So I guess the question is how legitimate are the traffic stops? Is the corruption bad enough that these guys/municipalities are using tourists as geese with golden eggs? If so then a bogus copy would be fine by me along with continuing out of the country. If it is legit, then my bad, give him the bogus copy and then go pay the fine.
Two pieces of advice if you want to hear them: 1. Don´t even think of trying to bribe a cop in Chile. It will surely end with you in jail. 2. Producing a counterfeit license (i.e. a xerox of the original) is a much more serious offense than speeding.
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