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Originally Posted by Vicks View Post
What year model is your bike ?

I am running a '07-'09 hybrid map with my stock air filter and have good feedback on that. Many people here have used the Powertripp maps '09 i believe with good results.

Have you had a look at the TuneECU map download page ?
Hi thanks for your answer, i was recently using shootis map but after installing an itg filter i seem to have these results. It happens with the akrapovic map as well.

Now i don't know if it is something that was always there but the old plastic box sealed the noise away or is something that it isn't supposed to happen. It came after installing an itg filter. Perhaps it might be ok but if there is an cpr/itg filter user that experiences the same please let me know.

My bike is an euro 07 model.
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