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Got a little bit of welding done at i3Detroit last night - still needs a bit of finishing, and man am I rusty with the torch, especially on the thin walls of the tank! Anyhow, now for a couple pictures...

"custom" M10x1.0 to 1/4" tube compression fittings for the ends of the fuel pump

plugged the ends of the fuel rail with phillips-head screws, with most of the screw ground off

This will become the fuel return tube - basically its a section of tube inserted through a hole drilled in the tank so that it ends as close to the top of the tank as possible to keep the return pressure constant as the tank's fuel level decreases. I still need to cut off and grind down this side of it so that I can weld an NPT bung over it to thread the return elbow fitting into for ease of maintenance later on. Except...

Thats where the other end of the tube ended up. Right underneath the cap, which means that if the fuel pump is on when the cap is open or loose, you're getting a nice spray of gasoline IN THE FACE. In theory, this shouldn't happen if you shut off the bike, turn off the fuel feed to the pump, and wait 30 sec or so before opening the tank, but you can't guarantee that always happens, plus it really tests the seal of the tank lid, and the tank "breather" is in the lid, so you may end up flooding that and getting a leak anyway. Basically... I didn't plan this as well as I should have, so I'll be drilling out and grinding off this tube, bending the top around at least 135 deg so it points down into the tank, and re-welding it to remove this potential for disaster.

Anyway, a big thanks to my co-worker who introduced me to i3Detroit so I can get this stuff done and showed me the place last night!
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