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Originally Posted by Moronic View Post
Well, back with another tedious post. I can barely believe the level of resistance to merely discussing this question of the lurking tankslapper. Nobody here even owns one of these things, and almost nobody has ridden one. Why defend it?

I could understand if a couple of incognito BMW salesmen wanted to hose down the panic, and it is an open forum so why not. For everyone else though, why would it not be a good conversation?

For the record, I am not on a crusade against the new GS. No way. It is a very interesting bike. Dynamically, it will be the best GS yet. I like little things like the full analogue dials, and big things such as the electronic cruise control. It is a class effort.

While I remain besotted with my Duc, what I need is a two-up sport/adventure tourer that can handle big miles. The new GS is a very obvious candidate, and perhaps the front-runner.

All information is good, IMO.

So on the headshake question, I am interested only in getting a clear picture of what has been reported and how significant it might be.

The suggestion that five years of testing must have ironed out every possible flaw is just silly, IMO. For reasons others have given already.

But let us grant this, and assume that the bike is flawless. What then?

We can conclude only that the two major incidents (Bike and and two minor manifestations (canadamotoguide and motociclismo) were the journos' fault.

Don't know about you, but I don't find that comforting.

OTOH, it is not like the sky is falling. The bike will still be good. It might need a steering damper. It might need a remap of the dynamic suspension. It might just need a bit of awareness and preparedness, or to be kept out of the firmest Enduro Pro baseline option over washboard.

Or it might need none of these things. We may have more of an idea when ShawnWorks posts in ride reports.

Either way, I don't see how any humans or animals are harmed by talking about it. (Except for BMW salesmen and, of course, their starving families. )
FFS, give it a rest. You've made your point umpteen times over the last few pages. We've all read your posts. People are now back to talking about the bike again, then you drag the "issue" up again. Gees, chill out man.
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