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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
If you and your spouse had been riding two bikes that night.
If you had been in the lead coming over that rise.
If, at the last second, you avoided that blacked out car stopped in the road.
If your spouse had not been so lucky.
Whose responsibility would that have been?
I don't deal in hypotheticals because the probability of us being in the same place at the same time is impossible.

I am confident that my training and practice plus ABS puts me pretty far up on the braking scale versus the average rider. I would expect that there is an equal chance another rider on an non ABS bike would lock up tuck the front wheel and take both of us out and into the car.

It is always the rider's ride. Having already had one spouse die after a long illness ( severe stroke) I am not willing to hypothesize about any tragic event that involves my current spouse.

I can say that I would be overcome with grief and sorrow. I think that is enough of a commentary on a what if situation

To end on a happier note I do like it at night on long rides when she cuddles up to me, turns up her electrics and sleeps lodged firmly between me and the backrest. That only applies on the I - 5 south of Sacramento and any prairie crossing . We are in our late 50's and take some risks that is one of them.
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